Sunday, August 19, 2007



Wonder how we missed this little tid-bit about the Chicago African American Minister's who not only set up a special club over the Meeks incident but also helped to keep Elvira Arellano spinning her demands from Rev. Colemans store front church. We don't recall this group even being named in the Chicago media, although the story is out of California it cites Chg. Trb. any one else recall our miss on this group? We find this to be all underhanded tactics and were now wondering, if this group helped propel radical Rev. Sharpton to also set up shop here in Chicago. Cut and pass another tainted slice of the Chicago political church pie connection, Chicago politics. Interesting, Arellano was cleaning planes at O'Hare Airport. Any one know who had this contract out of Chicago? Things that make you go, hmmmmmmmmmm.....

Nine influential African-American ministers, who are now part of a broad coalition called Clergy Speaks Interdenominational, said Arellano is contesting an immoral government policy as Parks did. They say even though Arellano broke the law, she should not face the prospect of being separated from her young son, who is a U.S. citizen.

Speaking from the pulpit at Adalberto United Methodist Church, where Arellano has lived as a fugitive since refusing to report for deportation last week, Rev. Albert Tyson said he hopes their support would increase the bonds between Latinos and African-Americans.

"Injustice is injustice. Period," said Tyson, president of the group and pastor at St. Stephen AME Church on the West Side. "We have so much more in common than we do that separates us."

The group was formed this year to lobby for issues of social justice, such as police brutality, after State Sen. James Meeks (D-Ill.) was pulled over in a traffic stop some considered racial profiling.

The group met Monday and voted to take up Arellano's cause, which was presented to them by Rev. Walter Coleman, pastor at Adalberto and a member of the organization.

Cut and Paste below link for full story from 06.,0,372235.story?coll=la-home-center

Were glad ICE nailed Elvira she is not a Rosa Parks and these Ministers now fully demonstrate how far they will play their political games for gain, disgusting!