Sunday, August 19, 2007


In our prior post Chicago Police accused of copout. We discussed the conduct by the so called activist's, were going to give you a look at ANSWER Chicago the same group involved in the actions the night Arron Harrison was shot by police, were also going to show you what continued in the days following up to the Chicago Police Board walk out. Since Rev. Sharpton who said, he did not come here to start trouble. One is curious why he is embroiled with the ANSWER organization, a group that has made this comment.

The Chicago Police Department is in reality an armed force organized and trained to repress poor communities, especially the African-American community. It is a criminal gang formed to protect the status quo of class rule and racism. The CPD is guilty of torture, murder, brutality, daily harassment and so much more.

August 10 rally speakers included family members of Aaron Harrison, Fred Hampton Jr., Rev Al Sharpton and Rev. Paul Jakes Jr.

On August 10 over 500 people attended a rally on Chicago’s west side. Rally was followed by a street take over and militant march to the North Lawndale Harrison District police department.

ANSWER Chicago along with many other anti-racist organizations and individuals participated in the August 10 Protest and March. This means every Hodge Podge radical militant group, who also wanted to do their own chosen demonstrating. A sorta tag along for noise and numbers with intent to intimidate. Why we feel we can make this comment? Well, its all in what else ANSWER had to say below about the Police.

At the end of the rally, police arrived in an attempt to intimidate and disperse the protesters. In response, hundreds of people took over the street and faced down the police. The police quickly retreated. Just the way they attempted to face down the Chicago Police Board. Do you feel safer now, and should this be the Sharptons people of choice for his 36th chapter of the National Action Network in the United States, where he has appointed a PRESIDENT known as JERI L.WRIGHT, DAUGHTER OF PREACHER JEREMIAH WRIGHT, to make his Church and Political connections here in Chicago?
NAN Chicago Chapter Strives to Reshape City's Focus on Social Justice and Civil Rights. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......

By the way the Police were forced to arrest five protesters on the night of August 6th. The same night of the shooting. Remember the phrase, QUICK TIME RIOTS.
dozens of witnesses have insisted that Harrison was unarmed when he was shot in the back. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...........

This post serves as our early 20 August 07 posting, good night.....