Sunday, August 19, 2007


For instance, why is it that we know virtually nothing about the cop who pulled the trigger and shot Harrison? About the only detail police have released is that officer was assigned to the Special Operations Section, an elite unit that targets crime hot spots. Assignment to SOS alone raises questions because seven SOS officers have been charged with crimes and others have been the subject of a disproportionate number of citizen complaints. Why can't the Police Board show the surveillance videotapes, even though police say they don't provide any clear images of the shooting? Why can't we see the gun or learn about the evidence?

We don't expect police to divulge their entire investigation, but a few details would dampen a dangerous growing fervor

We empathize with a police officer who has milliseconds to decide whether to pull the trigger and shoot a civilian. We think most Chicagoans do, too. What we don't understand, however, is why the investigation into such shootings has to be so shrouded in secrecy

The board abruptly adjourned after a mere 20 minutes, apparently unable to handle tough questions surrounding the controversial shooting of 18-year-old Aaron Harrison earlier this month. Activists and residents, demanding the name of the officer who fired the fatal shot, were just too unruly, police said.

Yes, some in the crowd spoke out of turn. And the audience included protesters known to make the average cop groan. But considering the tensions in the North Lawndale neighborhood, the Police Board should have endured some uncomfortable moments and listened to residents

The article relates to the tensions in North Lawndale but does not mention these tensions have festered for years, heck its probably generations now. A mini riot against a police officer for simply doing his or her daily job, example a simple traffic violation stop, can be activated in quick time within this area by the so called activist's who are really anti-police agitators. No valid reason need apply.

You demand the police officer's name, why so the media can flaunt the officer's name throughout the news for weeks on end and the agitator's and police haters can then better target the officer? Why do you disregard threats already being made against officer's by the gangs? Their safety is already an issue and now its compounded by the added treats. Officer's have their ID exposed in some shape or manner but the article through the local media as usual, continues to reflect the officer and the department as withholding the information in an assumed shroud of secrecy, their conspiracy theory tactic.

You talk of the gun being shown and seen, why? By stating this comment, you preclude a conspiracy theory again, that the gun does not exist. Isn't this how it got started by the media in the first place? No gun was found and the offender was shot in the back nonsense. You disregard chain of evidence through your ignorance of procedures in your glee for a photo of the weapon to be flaunted by the media for more ratings. You want the video try freedom of information instead of conspiracy theories because that's what this whole story is actually about, you as the agitators mouth, building even more distrust within a group that has no respect for the police or their own community. It always comes back to the police and not the community taking care of their lawless family members and residents with their sticking together and Hip Hop-No Snitch and No Tell undermining, preying upon their own community.

If you really empathized as you stated, "We empathize with a police officer who has milliseconds to decide", then you would not have wrote and printed your conspiracy story for those who left the police board no ability to answer their questions, due to the loud aggressive crowd moving towards them. Have they or you, ever heard of a proper conduct forum and respect in obtaining their answers? No, because this is how it exactly goes down on Chicago streets daily, except police can't just walk away, and they have a millisecond to decide to live or die.