Tuesday, September 18, 2007


San Bernardino County, California

Juan "Johnny" Sanchez, 32, was convicted of robbery in 2001 and deported, but apparently returned to the country illegally, authorities said.

Sanchez hid in a closet while paramedics tended to the child.

This story shows the horrors Police, Fire and emergency workers encounter on any given day. This tragic and vicious crime lasted for days, and it ended in the brutal death of a Innocent infant. Our Government, Illegals and drugs played partners in this crime. Our government is accountable because they have failed. By allowing Safe Sanctuary cities and by not doing their job and enforcing our immigration laws fully.
San Bernardino, Ca. (Added 6/7/07, SAFE SANCTUARY CITY.

Rod Leveque, Staff Writer
Article Launched: 09/14/2007 11:10:37 PM PDT

Soon after, the boy began to behave oddly, moving his hands and feet in strange ways.

When she alerted Sanchez, he called her "stupid," and told her she had used a Q-tip that he keeps for cleaning his meth pipe, she said.

Reta told police she used a Q-tip she found on her kitchen table to swab her son's itchy nose following a bath sometime around Aug. 25.

RANCHO CUCAMONGA - A mother who said she mistakenly swabbed her baby's nose with a methamphetamine-laced Q-tip told police that her parolee boyfriend refused to allow her to take the child to the hospital for fear that he would be sent back to prison, according to police reports made public this week.
Elizabeth Reta told detectives that instead of seeking proper medical help for her 8-month-old son, Samuel, her boyfriend, Juan "Johnny" Sanchez, tried for three days to get the child "off the high" by tying him to a bed, shaking him, slapping him and splashing him with cold water.

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