Thursday, September 20, 2007


Caseptla Bailey, a Black community leader and mother of one of the Black students, told the London Observer, “To us those nooses meant the
KKK, they meant, ‘Niggers, we're going to kill you, we're going to hang you till you die.’"

Above is a picture of an unlikely banner to support the Jena 6, odd especially in light of the above comments stated to the London Observer by one of the offender's mother?

The reality, Jena 6 is not a new story its over a year old and it was originally picked up by Mr. Mangold of the BBC coming out of London and France, go figure as one might say. The event happened in Aug of 2006 but its just now making current news. The mainstream reporting of the events leading up to and after the incident including one of the offender's Bell has been and continues to be lopsided, not a big surprise.

Anytime Sharpton, Jackson drive up in limos hauling the New Black Panthers to play their security police roll, there is bound to be a lot of noise, marches, demands and crowds of measurable outsiders, 60000 this time and converging on a small community of only 3000.

The media fails to tell the full facts. Which includes, Bells prior convictions of violence and destructive behaviour, along with three probation hearings on hold. Bell was a star football player with a load of recruiting letters and received several passes on his serious, prior bad behaviour. No shock there but lets paint Bell as a victim. All Bell did was to physically attack a lone kid, Justin Barker who did not hang the nooses. Bell along with several others, including the above Ms Bailey's son beat Barker. As a reminder Bell and his buddies had to be physically pulled off of the victim. Have you seen anywhere in the media that after the noose's were hung, that both African American and White kids jokingly put their heads through the noose's? Of course not but they did. Thanks to the BBC of the UK, this story was not only fired up late, it also appeared without quite a few of the full facts.

There is also now a flood of slanted stories about various other alleged attacks, against African Americans in the Jena community. What the media failed to tell you. There were only three incidents, in a eight month period. Nor can they substantiate the attacks were racially motivated, nor do they bring up any reversed race attacks? Then there's also another important factor, which the media also has not bothered to expose. The White kids involved in the school color noose hanging incident, were not only suspended but they were sent to an alternate school, and under went intervention training.

If the media told you the full story, there would be no shocker headlines for their ratings. There also would be no blazing headlines, for Sharpton and Jackson to grab along with their New Black Panther groupies to incite and rally a cause under. Jena may be 85% White but there is a NAACP and ACLU chapter in their small community of 3000. Jena should be working out their own year old issue, without the likes of Sharpton and Jackson who are working hard to incite racial unrest, while recreating the media's distortion.