Thursday, September 27, 2007


Let the dump on cops begin early! Not today you don't.

When did we get the title, Parking Enforcement Officer's? Is this another closet mgmt. detail? Can we bid into the position or unit? Or is the city trying to turn civies into Fancy Officer's, without sending them through the full Police Training Academy and by passing the need for State Certification? Now we have Police Officer's and Parking Enforcement Officer's? No wonder we can't man the districts, were divided in two. What a joke. Maybe its Zeiger who can't read. If your a Hearing Officer, your suppose to know both your job and who these writers actually are. Oh that's right, your a former hearing Officer taking pot shots at police. Media duped big time.

Why is this being automatically placed on the backs of just cops? Were there stats created with the alleged officer's info. (aka) a tracking record? No!

Were talking about Chicago here and the Mayor's insidious appetite for never ending revenue.

Fact: The city has handed out ticket books like their going out of style. So many city employee's currently have parking books. We can't even try to begin in keeping up with whose, who in writing parking tickets, these days. Lets just name a few for starters.

CTA Supervisors, Tow Truck Drivers, Meter Maids of varying varieties, TMA supervisors, Crossing Aids, Aldermen? Not to mention the array of Civilian Managers of varying varieties. Who did we leave out? There has to be more, the janitor's maybe? The CITY NOW needs to come clean and cleanse this insult and lie fast. We don't accept this un-warranted dump on.. No way did we do all those tickets. Were talking parking tickets here peanut gallery. No way! Stop hiring all those no-bookie reader, writer misfits and pony-up the truth and proof!

Last year, drivers contested 273,000 parking tickets. A whopping 53 percent of them were thrown out, found to be bogus.
So who are the officers writing all these bogus tickets, and what's being done to stop them? Apparently nothing. A city spokesman told the 2 Investigators there is no system in place to track them.

In a rare interview a former administrative hearing officer told us he regularly dismissed bogus tickets, many because they weren't even filled out properly.

"It comes down to training of police officers and training of parking enforcement officers on how to write a proper ticket," Zeiger said. "And that is something that clearly needs to be done."