Thursday, September 27, 2007


Were numb this is surreal, Finnigan now arrested in murder for hire?
This whole SOS episode goes deeper and deeper. What on God's green earth has the department birthed. This is too heavy for us to even comprehend. He will go away, for a very long time but we will also be affected. Every Honest and Hard-Working cop, may very well end up getting the encrusting evil eye. God help us. He wanted to take out three fellow officer's. Disgustingly Sad but true, Fallen Angels, watch for the movie and book.

CHICAGO IL. SEPT. 26, 2007—-A Chicago Police officer facing charges of running a robbery crew with fellow cops is now charged in federal court with trying to arrange the murder of a former officer who was prepared to testify against him, prosecutors said.
Jerome Finnigan, 44, was arrested today and charged with using a telephone to commit murder-for-hire.

Finnigan allegedly talked about hiring street gang members to kill the officer for $5,000 in what he described as a “paint job.”
Last Friday, Finnigan told the co-defendant he found someone to kill the officer and needed a photo for the hitman to identify his target, the FBI said.
On Sunday, Finnigan told the co-defendant that he was considering killing a second officer he also thought was cooperating with authorities, prosecutors said. He allegedly spoke of having them “taken care of.”

He also wrote down on a piece of paper the names of two other officers he correctly speculated were cooperating with authorities against him, prosecutors said.

originally discussed the plot in July with another Chicago Police officer who is a co-defendant in the corruption case the Cook County state’s attorney’s office brought against them and other members of the elite Special Operations Section.

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