Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Uhhhhhhh why was she here again?

Just deported and already has a job, good ole Mexico, foolish US. Must be Mexico's own version of screw the US.

She's not sure if her son, Saul, will stay with her in Mexico or return to Chicago. So he is with her, interesting. She's saying its his choice to make, an 8 year old child, o.k. mom of the year. She goes on to say, "I will continue to tell him about the beauties of my country," she said. "He will know that he will have a marvelous future here." So why was she here again? Seems Elvira has had other choices all along, we already knew she had choices at home, like so many others who are still going to try and continue in making their demands on our soil. What a bite in the back side, huh? Were laughing hysterically at this big farce. A farce pulled over by mommy Elvira child separation plight, and her third world store front church of Chicago's own Safe Sanctuary haven of sob city catering.

All the pandering, marches, threats, demands and noise, all the tax payer financed aid. Along with her Chicago connections of supporting African American Reverends and Arse kissing Politicians, for what? Its clear, to turn the United States upside down, over and out. This article bakes the cake of duped fools. Poor, poor Elvira and her plight, huh?

Were taking time off from posting we deserve it. Especially after finally being able to produce Elvira's own we duped you words, on the big facade caper of crocodile tears.....
We need the break, good night....................................................