Monday, August 20, 2007


Were still checking further into this but this is the link with names and what you can sue over. We thought in order to file in small claims court your party has to reside in the same area city, etc... There has to be way around this, plenty of agencies are also located in his state and city as well. Illegals are sueing all the time and their being paid out but at whose expense in the long run. Who knows.
You can give the following reasons for filing suits:
-actual damages from illegal aliens (to person or property)
-emotional stress (loss of safety, fear of gangs, drugs, etc.)
-loss of employment
-wage suppression
-devaluation of home (after illegals move into neighborhood)
-degradation of your child’s education (too many Spanish speaking children in classes)

Imagine coming into court and finding another 20 or 30 of your fellow citizens there for the same reason. Now imagine this scene occurring five days a week in all of the small claims courts across this country!