Thursday, August 2, 2007


" Daley said he resolved "to be extremely careful and deliberate in selecting his successor."

Poster who said from the very beginning, "Something is Seriously Amiss" and counted down the number of days, since we have been without a Police Superintendent. We have reached 122 days now. Today Daley re-opened his search for a new top cop but wants the three front runners Grau, Williams both insiders and Belfiore an outsider, names to still remain under consideration. This is an unusual move even for Daley, so what might be blowing in the wind?

Since Al Sharpton has placed his cross hairs not only on Daley but importantly on the Chicago Police Department. Were thinking, Mayor Daley already being challenged openly by Sharpton in the news, is probably anticipating the incoming potential for days of loud disorderly street demonstrations, bordering on the potential for civil unrest. Sharpton already has his sights on Burge and other Officer's in the news. These demonstrations or incite to riot call outs, are set up by Sharpton and his clan, which often includes the revised militant gang radicals, the New Black Panthers.

There's nothing new about Sharpton's claim to fame. Baiting Police and trying the patience of Mayors while disrupting law abiding citizens. He just completed a stint in New York. 50 shots was the theme fired by Police, where loud disturbing demonstrations and marches lasted for days. The civil unrest set up by Sharpton, was over self defense shots being fired by Police during the Bell incident. Bell, after leaving his Bachelor party after a night of partying, where a fight had escalated from inside the bar to the street, between Bell's group and another man. A friend of Bell's claimed he was going for his gun inside the car. Police under survillance due to numerous prior problems at the bar, became involved in the incident. Bell in an attempt to flee from the police, not only rammed his car into a police car but tryed to run over an Officer who was trying to get Bell to stop, all this happened just prior to the self defense shots being fired by NYPD. Which ended up in, Bell being killed by NYPD. Sharpton and his militant clan concentrated on the number of shots fired in a short time during the self defense action.

Sharpton's use of the radical demonstrations, resulted in a white and a Hispanic detective facing criminal manslaughter charges and a third, who is black, being charged with reckless endangerment. Two other officers were cleared of criminal charges. The fiancee of Bell, Nicole Paultre Bell, and two of Bell's friends involved in the shooting, seek unspecified damages in the suit. It accuses all five police officers of recklessness and negligence for firing at Bell and his two friends outside a strip club where they were holding a bachelor party.

Sharpton is known for civil unrest while trumping accusations of racial discrimination. His real specialty, inciting allegations of Police brutality which he often rolls into one, and this time its to fall on Chicago's Police, streets and City Hall. Dana Starks is now pinned as the temporary head, a buffer if you may and the position of a term serving Police Superintendent will remain vacant. That is unless Starks is able to pull a rabbit from his hat. Just our take of politics in Chicago. Officer's be forewarned your job has now become even more dangerous and challenging. Stay safe, your backs will not be shielded by that vest and your every move will be scrutinized, under a very large microscope. Sharpton is supported in kind by many Democrats, including those running for President, Chicago's own Obama and New York's Hillary Clinton just to name a few.