Monday, July 30, 2007


We added a new police link, this link goes out to our fellow officer's in the out lying area's of Chicago. Drop by and say hello.

Our Real Police & Military, related links are on the left side of our page, where you will find some good and informative read, we even have a Private Investigator link. So just scroll down, their sitting just above the American Flag.

Also check out, Links For You, where you can find information on Line of Duty who stepped forward for Officer Mike Mette and made phone calls. In this link section you will also find connections for listed Police jobs, Police Attorney's along with a great link for information on weapons, ammo, and chat area, very informative. This section also provides additional great info contained within the other links as well.

We have links for FOP, Minutemen, Judicial Watch and a slew of other informative and interesting links, we even have Tancredo's site, Diggers Realm and Malkin.
Happy hunting to ya and remember join the NRA.