Saturday, August 4, 2007


We know the tickets were 100.00 a pop and numerous people didn't go, which included numerous boss's. The Ramsey name keeps coming up, as being possibly interested in the Top Cop slot. We would be very surprised, if he would even consider the run again. Chicago (Daley) had a shot at Ramsey years ago and passed him by. Ramsey then took his experience to Washington DC, where his experience was welcomed with open arms.
The rest of what anonymous has to say in regards to Cline's retirement party is in the comments section. Maybe someone else can add in on the talk of the town host.

Anonymous said...

Who has the inside track on Phat Phil's Retirement Party?

Did Mayor Richard M. Daley skip it?

What Alderman were present?

Did Superintendent Dana Starks skip it?

How did Charlie Williams and Hiram Grau act?

Did anyone get overly intoxicated? Some people love entertaining on tables.

What "Clout Babies" were spotted in attendance?

Why is FOP #7, President Mark Donahue, making commentary and telling the Mayor to select a Superintendent from within the CPD ranks? Why no mention of Mike Mette or any press conferences for officers?

Did anyone notice that the Illinois "Top Law Enforcement Officer", Attorney General Lisa Madigan was absent?