Saturday, August 4, 2007



Jesse wants to toss all guns and drugs. With the below rhetoric, does he actually buy everything is now the Il. suburbs fault? Jesse and HIS billboard pal the, comicaly Priceless Catholic Priest Pfleger, are going to cure all that ails Illinois and parks his yes, a challenge to Sharpton on Chicago's owned turf. "Were still here Sharpton, hear us roar!"

This is their newest bill of sale, in an effort to "drum up armies for cash for their holier than thou wars," for their continual money flow for unemployment self-fame. Jackson, inner mixes Guns, Drugs, incarcerated African Americans, every one's invited marches, "you have the cause we have the pause." Which has always equaled money shagging in order to justify, it ain't right. I'm a Martin Luther King, user abuser's and Sharpton inner mixes, Police shootings even when their justified, disturbing loud obnoxious demonstrations, African Americans, marches for all thugs, who are always warmly invited and included for, "my civil unrest soap-box" of unemployment money, clout and self-fame."

Here you have the real cocktail combo's."President and the Vice President," Jackson and Sharpton, of "self serving ill repute" and "our weak kneaded politicians," with "their personal agenda's." Who seem to "always sway and bend," for the "favored light of the potential voter numbers of hope anticipation and antiquity, all coming together." Group Hug Anyone.

Jackson and Pfleger are scheduled to appear in court Aug. 6. The duo was arrested for trespassing outside of Chuck’s Gun Shop in Riverdale in June. “We would do it again.
Its already planned out for Aug. 28th at D.S. Arms Guns in Barrington.

A meeting scheduled with Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan next week. “The facts are self-evident and the remedy must come from Madigan’s office. They must afford us equal protection under the law,” Jackson said.l Also discussed was another anti-gun protest. On Aug. 28, Jackson and Fr. Michael Pfleger of St. Sabina Church will lead a national protest in Barrington outside of the D.S. Arms gun manufacturer because the suburbs are a huge source of drugs and guns, yet “the majority of the victims are in the city.” The day was chosen to honor the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech in Washington, D.C. in 1963. “We need the Iraq plan for America, they stop the gun flow and fight for democracy

Jackson also addressed questions about his perceived feeling that the city is not big enough for Rainbow/PUSH and the Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network. “That’s silly,” he said. He said the reinforcement of the organization is needed in Chicago

Jackson said percentages in regards to Black detainees on substance charges is alarming. “Data collected in Illinois alone will demonstrate what we have known all along. Seventy percent of the state’s drug users are white, yet 66 percent of the inmates in prison on drug charges are Black. This is a war on Blacks, not just a war on drugs,” Jackson said. He said too many Blacks have been in the Cook County jail system for at least five years on drug charges, most without legal representation. And, two sets of rules apply when it comes to Blacks and the law. “Different charges for the same crimes,” he said, adding that the common difference is the location. “The city and the suburbs.” Jackson said the jails have now become “homeless shelters.”