Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Some of you may call our postings on illegal aliens and immigration over the top but this story is only one of many never reported and it demonstrates were on target. The system isn't so much as broken as the laws and law enforcement needs to be strengthened and enforced immediately. What if this was your family member? Were fed up with the Safe Sanctuary city card being played wild and at what costs. Don't ask don't tell policy for Police and city employee's. This story is now all over the Internet. When is enough enough?

Not us! said the Chicago Police Department. "We don't ever ask about immigration status," said spokeswoman Monique Bond. "We leave that up to the courts."

Not us! said the Cook County state's attorney's office. "We don't check," said spokesman John Gorman. "That's for [ICE] to do. We're not involved."

Not us! said ICE. "Law enforcement agencies can contact our Law Enforcement Support Center for timely and accurate information" 24 hours a day, Rusnok said. If "the person who is being inquired about is subject to removal, [ICE] can place a detainer with the Police Department ordering the department to hold the person ... to allow ICE officials to take the person into custody and begin removal proceedings."
ICE has employees who screen cases for immigration violations at the Criminal Courts Building, but they are on duty only during business hours.