Sunday, July 29, 2007


What's seriously wrong with this Suntimes story?

CITY PERMIT 50-200 people (None Mentioned, story assumption-none obtained?) - (WHAT'S THAT?) POLICE, Loud Noise-after 9:30-10 PM., Neighbors and Outsiders inner-twined, PELLETS, Commonsense, and the complete and total disregarded and indifference for any and all of the above.

Does Mr. Perez own blocks of homes in this area, does he own the neighborhood, is he REALLY from the area (Mexican immigrant?) Is he some sort of a Mini-Real estate Icon in the area?
This is not a story just about poor old Perez turning 35, who never had a big birthday party. Until Friday through Saturday's violent blast out. Oh, its a story on an immigrant alright, and its probably a whole story, of a lot of immigrants attending his huge blast out party. Since the area is predominately Hispanic, were forced to be a bit confused BY THE STORY. Not only is this story missing the above key points, there are questions of serious concern. It's also utilizing the word immigrant, as a descriptive which is important, and were going to examine why.

Is the Suntimes using immigrant as their politically pushed universal word for ILLEGAL ALIEN? We lay odds they are, why bother to say it all, how did the media know he was immigrated from Mexico, what difference did it make? How are we to know of his status, illegal-legal, American Citizen maybe? Well, were not suppose to know! Since, the media has not only chosen but is being required in Chicago to make both these words so inner-changeable, your not suppose to know one from the other. Does it make a difference? Yes, it does and it shows up in this story. When it comes down to acceptable behaviour, conduct and indifference to the laws. Simple common sense does not even begin to reflect in the story. Moving 50 people to the rear yard and then continuing to party expanding to 200 party participants. Even after Police are called for the 1st shooting?

Lets really examine in depth, what is actually occurring in this once fine city long, long ago. Chicago as a Safe Sanctuary City is abetting illegals unlawfully in their ability to remain, nothing new there. its been a Mayor Daley bent on misaligned mission since he entered office. What comes to further light in this 35 year old immigrant birthday story. Is how Chicago is also giving the crystal clear message of, not only No Ask, No Tell but how their enabling the immigrant communities to expand and grow in their flaunting and disrespect of other laws as well, while at the same time further enabling and aiding in actions of self perpetuating increased violence and chaos.

First the story starts with the first incident, TWO UNKNOWN MEN SHOOTING AT EACH OTHER AT 9:00 P.M.? None the less, lets keep on with the the Mexican Immigrant, grown mans birthday celebration. Cap highlight: Police are called after two men begin shooting at each other around 9:30 p.m. children and about 50 unknown people are in and about the property, does this slow the party down? No, it just continues to grow and grow until...........?

Marcelino Perez never had a big birthday celebration before.
So for his 35th birthday Friday night, he went all out: Perez, a Mexican immigrant, held the party at a residence he owns in the 8700 block of Escanaba, a few doors down from his home. That's correct party held at another property he owns but not at his claimed actual place of residence?

Around 9 p.m., partygoers heard shots ring out and some saw men shooting at each other nearby. Police were called, but the shooters fled. The party continued into the night, and attendees -- around 200 people, including dozens of kids -- were urged to stay in the backyard. In a typical city lot of approximately 30' by 30'?

About 1:30 a.m., witnesses said, someone started shooting /strong>from the alley into the backyard party. someone shot into the crowd. In the end, nine partygoers went to the hospital -- including Perez's wife and six members of his extended family.

However, no one was killed or critically wounded -- witnesses said victims were hit with pellets, not bullets. Alright, were playing the devils advocate here. Regardless of whether Perez is illegal or not, what else is seriously wrong with this story?
It has Don't ask, Don't tell written all over it.