Thursday, July 12, 2007


The reason we have not spoken on the Jefferson Tap incident is reflective in the blog article, CHICAGO POLICE RECORDS NOW ON CHOPPING BLOCK. In that article we discussed the courts theory that the public is sophisticated enough to determine fact from fiction but how is that possible when the facts and a deeper slant for fiction are guaranteed by the main stream media? As we have once again seen by the media.

Those of you who say, "here we go again, see it's just like Cops to protect other cops." No, it's really biased media were currently in-battled with. As we read through the various slants in reporting on the very late night bar ruckus. We see phrases like, the tape is evidence against the Officer's, lets use the example's of the outside car incident and the cell phone. While the tape will be utilized during trial. What the public naturally finds hard to differentiate from, is the word evidence and utilizing the tape AS evidence. Yes, there is a difference in perception in what the public is getting in the way of fact and fiction, through our main stream media and their style of reporting, example again re-running poor quality tapes over and over.

The tape was placed into evidence and will be utilized during the hearing as a portion of the evidence by both attorney's but it does not just stop just at the tape. There will be hours and hours of testimony which will offer a spectrum of insight as to what occurred and this will come out only during the trial. The media tape is for ratings specifically. It's also being utilized for the purpose of embarrassing the city, liability aka money. Police are always a hot frenzy topic for the media whether their off or on duty, especially if a finger can be pointed in an attempt to show culpability. Were not dismissing either the alleged officer's or the the alleged victims nor their alleged actions. Nor will we point finger's. Were just like you and were seeing and reading through the current media's version.

Lack of good journalistic reporting does not just stop with Police stories, it permeates throughout all reporting these days. Think about it, have you ever asked yourself.
What's wrong with the media, ever?

As to supporting the Officer's, the answer is simply yes, because they are one of us and their innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Were not that court of law, none of us are. Were no different than the alleged victims families who will also stand by and support their family members. Our internal family relationships can be just as complex as yours.