Thursday, July 12, 2007


This is in from a reader so we thought we would address it in a playful manner and give some insight as to possibly why, remember the complex family comment?

.. Hello Honorable Star, Keep up your writing, I find your point of view and style of writing very indepth and focused. I don't know why you are undiscovered. I am going to ask SCC to link to you. Stay Safe

We say thank you and this is our land story.

Land ownership in Scotland was originally based on the feudal system. The basic principal of this system, going back some 900 years, was that apart from the Crown, nobody owned land absolutely but each proprietor held a subsidiary title to land, subject to certain conditions. The important element about any system of land tenure is evidence - evidence to support the claim of the person entitled to the land (posters=being discovered.) In the early days of the feudal system this evidence was provided by the ceremony on the ground of 'giving sasine .' The word Sasine comes from the old French word 'seiser' meaning to seize, performed every time a feudal grant of land was made.
We believe some of our LAND mates were made drunken and taken on the SCC ship, 'Seiser.'