Saturday, June 23, 2007

DEPORT CONGRESS Muchos gracias

This would be more cost effective and the background checks are already done.

A few weeks ago, a comment was left that said if we cannot deport 12 million illegal aliens, why not deport the 535 voting members of Congress?
That appears to be the mood of the public as well. A major pollster reported only 3% of the public are favorable to how Congress has handled illegal immigration.

To be sure, both sides of the Amnesty Bill are dissatisfied. However, Zogby International said only 38% favor Amnesty for illegal aliens.[A Gallup poll showed only 14% confidence in Congress. That puts Congress below HMOs. The military topped the list with 69% confidence, USA Today reported.]

Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit calls Deporting Congress,
"An immigration solution that might fly.”