Saturday, June 23, 2007


2 Separate cases 2 men arrested both of theses case's are beyond horrific.

In the below case a body of a female has been found in Summit County and is believed to be Jessie Davis, 26, who was due to deliver a baby girl on July 3. The boyfriend of the missing pregnant woman and said to be the father of both the two yr. old and the child Kimberly was about to deliver on July 3rd, was arrested on two counts of murder Saturday.

A 26-year-old Ohio woman about to give birth vanishes. Does her two-year-old son have clues that could help police crack the case? Repeated Mommy broke the table, Mommy was crying, Mommy's in rug. 2 yr. old alone for two days, bleach poured on the rug, comforter missing, cell phone missing.

The other horrid story is, a mother and her three children, 13, 11 and 8 were found shot to death, the children shot multiple times. The man arrested, the husband and the father of the children. Both of these stories give the appearance of cold and calculating horrific acts which may not be, strong enough words for these double tragic events, with so many victims.

Investigators said during a press conference Saturday afternoon Vaughn used a 9mm gun in the shooting that killed his wife and three children. Will County's State's Attorney James Glasgow said the gun was purchased by Vaughn from a store in Washington state.