Saturday, June 23, 2007


Here is proof Non-Citizens have had the ability to vote.

LOS ANGELES, Zoila Meyer believed she was an American. She says her Daddy told her so and he is sticking to that story. Not only was she elected to a Council Seat, she voted in 2004, she is not a citizen. Zoila was born in Cuba and her last port of entry was Canada.
Seems she holds the title legal resident but not citizen. Poof goes the sham that Non-Citizens don't vote. Were gathering, Cuba 1. Does not provide Birth Certificates and 2. Or at what point was she ever required to show a Birth Certificate in the United States.
Keep in mind she has been here since the age of 1 or so she says but as an elected Council Woman she pleads ignorant to our laws.
"She must have been Senator Reid's tutor."