Friday, June 22, 2007


Hoo'Ra! Alderman Burke of the City of Chicago's very own city council, jumped forward and assists in a GPS promotion during a tantrum. The hook up is GPSM 2100 - MOBILE NAVIGATION SYSTEM, which many are already aware of. Should we give him a city progress honorable mention, Naw. His tantrum revolves around the new GPS service for alerts of Red Lights and Speed Cameras, which Alderman Burke feels will affect the revenue generating machine Chicago has gotten itself hooked into or bahhh the potential loss of revenue for the city.

Alderman Burke tells all and it's not about nor was it ever about your safety, it's all about the city's revenue, who would a thunk it?
On Thursday, Burke gave up the ghost. He acknowledged that red-light cameras are, indeed, about raising money -- and that the proposed ban is about keeping the gravy train rolling.
Here comes the Hoo'Ra retort, Dave Marsh, director of mobile navigation at Chicago-based Cobra Electronics, said there are "no legal limits and there never will be on navigation devices" like Cobra's camera detector.
"He would have to ban the entire GPS navigation business
," Marsh said of Burke's proposed ban.
"We're the first to tell you about speed and red-light cameras using GPS satellite information. We have an exclusive proprietary database that's accurate and verified. But it's based on GPS navigation systems that . . . come in cars you buy today. He would have to ban that capability." Hoo'Ra, ya gotta love dis city.