Friday, June 22, 2007


Our belief is when you have had enough it may be time for a change.
You take life risks everyday why not try another way?

Were connecting those already in and those who may want to enter.

So often we hear Officer's speak daily about dissatisfaction with their current employer. These officers enjoy being in police work but often find the heavy handed politics especially here in Chicago, interfering with their personal life pursuits, philosophies and happiness. Yes happiness in who you work for and what it begins to represent and how effective you are in your life profession...
Police departments run a myriad of personalities working through and with these personalities is naturally both a pleasure and a pain but that may be the easiest part of police work. Working under poor leadership is in cumbersome and affects ones daily work life with unnecessary distractions and hardships which penetrates into the public opinion of police officers (you) and how they are viewed. Leadership starts at the top and becomes watered down as it trickles lower down, leaving a vast empty well of confusion and distrust. When an agency and the city it's tied to hits rock bottom and any attempts to change the face of the beast becomes impossible, ending in morale hitting rock bottom; well it's time for a change. Life is to short to waste your time with an employer who does not respect or appreciate you while being forced to live in a city that seems to make you miserable.
Our thoughts, find a new employer doing what you love to do, Police work. Yes there are trials and tribulations with change but the end result may very well be satisfaction and a renewed spirit. It is after all, a job you love Officer and your good at it, so why waste it...