Friday, June 22, 2007


Immigration lobbyist have their say and we continue to have ours, for the time being that is.

Anytime Geraldo is taken serious were in deep. Geraldo said "Led by candidates like Arizona's J.D. Hayworth, the party essentially adopted the position of the Minutemen and similar radical groups, which promulgated a wildly exaggerated portrayal of a tidal wave of brown people overwhelming our southern border, running loose to rape, steal and murder on the streets of our cities. It is no accident that various hate groups have declared common cause with the Minutemen..." Mr. G. is into name calling as well, lets see if one does not agree, your either in a hate group or your a radical, still drawing in the sand we see. No G. not all but exactly what is 20 + million undocumented mean, since 175 is considered scores?

By Dan Whitcomb Fri Jun 22, 4:04 PM ET
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Scores of illegal immigrants, including a man wanted for murder and a convicted child molester, were arrested in Southern California raids this week, U.S. authorities said on Friday. Scores 175 Wow were impressed. Not much that is.

The sweeps in Orange County, south of Los Angeles, were part of an operation by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement targeting "criminal aliens" -- defined as people in the country illegally who have also committed other crimes. According to our immigration laws anyone illegally in the country is a criminal act, note; ignored deportation order by a judge that only includes those caught in the system not all the millions of others, which no one seems to know about except for (maybe social security when it comes time for remittance.) Glad ICE is doing the job their suppose to do, with their manpower shortage and all but these numbers are not that impressionable. Check out prison populations your tax dollars hard at work. Then the scores of millions who blithely go about ignoring the laws daily because companies lobby your politicians (cash) and we know politicians want those hopeful millions of new (vote numbers) after the next huge undocumented shamamnesty. Add in the Security and Prosperity Partnership, Mexico, Canada and U.S.A. Which should be known as the Can Mex US.

Immigration fugitives, this year has resulted in the first ever decline in their number, to 632,189 Ah, this number is nothing to brag about.

Most of those arrested in the raids were Mexicans, but others came from India, Kenya, the Philippines and Columbia. Of the 175 arrested, ICE said, 100 had already been deported. 6 strikes your out not three, ha! Deportation has a better tumble than a dryer.