Friday, June 1, 2007


The Blog world is a buzz about the threats made to snuff out a legal gun shop owner ALONG WITH LEGISLATORS. By non-other than stand-UPPITY LIBERAL Catholic Priest aka FATHER PFLEGER of St Sabina.

It appears that Father Pfleger's latest hard line campaign to rid society of guns has gone extreme. His take and words are, he and his tag alongs will SNUFF-OUT (AKA) KILL the gun dealer of Chucks and all the legislator's who think alike. Surely such a so called and self proclaimed Chicago Christian advocate for the people, knows exactly what he's saying and its known as MURDER (and this is who they want on an independent Police Review board!)

FATHER PFLEGER at OPERATION PUSH, Riggio the owner of Chuck's. We're going to find you and snuff you out … you know you're going to hide like a rat. You're going to hide but like a rat we're going to catch you and pull you out. We are not going to allow you to continue to hide when we're here …'

"'We're going to keep coming back, and like Reverend Jackson says, it takes civil disobedience, if it takes whatever it takes … we're going to snuff out John Riggio, we're going to snuff out legislators that are voting … and we are coming for you because we are not going to sit idly. Keep on fighting, people. Keep on fighting, keep on fighting.'"

“Certainly Fr. Pfleger has offered Absolution to a murderer or two during his tenure as a priest,” commented ISRA Executive Director, Richard Pearson. “That’s why it’s shocking to hear him actually advocate the murder of a gun shop owner who has never committed a crime in his life. He then compounds the problem by calling for the murder of legislators who disagree with his personal political views — something I suspect is a felony in this state. Pfleger’s comments were disgusting and dangerous. And, I seem to remember that the Fifth Commandment frowns on murdering one’s neighbor.”