Wednesday, December 24, 2008


OK we confess, that's not the actual title but its factual. Were not surprised by this illegal and arrogant act because this is how its done in Chicago Ville. While were all getting a good deep look once again into greedy Politicians (aka) the fine Gov Blago also CHANGE for short of Chi IL, not to be confused with shy. Along comes the players team Obama with another strike. CHANGE - YES WE CAN, deny, deny. Maybe were confusing baseball with politics. Ya we know, get on with the story. Our not yet inaugurated President from the Chicago raised gene pool, is keeping in step with some interesting players, who happen to be way too big for their own breaches. Ya don't wanna see um yank those pants up though, cause those are fightin actions in Chi-town. We prefer to see them waddle walk with a tug or two.

Here is the actual scope. After being denied, Obama's transition website was illegally authorized to register as an official U.S. government domain, REPEAT OUT LOUD ILLEGALLY OFFICIAL.
If you wonder if some political hack ended up approving the illegal demand, why yes of course they did and their still receiving a pay check.

Ya gotta love the way the made up Government SITE has a whole new title EXCUSE for the incoming Pres, that's short for President. We got a big nothing in more ways than one. Change, now that was and is one big hearty laugh and the jokes now on you, PONY UP CHI-STYLE.