Wednesday, April 23, 2008



FIREFIGHTERS IN OREGON DEMOTED AND LOST JOBS BECAUSE THEY SPEAK ENGLISH! Government allowing contracting agencies to bring Mexicans into country as firefighters. Jobs Americans won't do. Is this not State/Federal Grant $?

concerns led the state to draft a new rule that all firefighting bosses speak English, and the languages of crew members who don't speak English. Latinos do not have to speak English though????

While the state made the rule change in 2003, it decided to strictly monitor the law this year as Hispanics continue to fill fire lines TO THE TUNE OF 85%.

Jim Walker says "our main concern is that they are safe, and they are in a safe environment, and a lot of that deals with communication."

Manuel Franco is a Hispanic contractor for fire crews. He says he thinks the state's rule is necessary for worker safety. English not needed Spanish a must.

Both Oregon state officials and those in the firefighting business say they do not think there are 'that many' illegal immigrant workers in the fire crews. Baloney!!!! Notice the phrase (that many.)
Their being contracted in from Mexico.

They say it is more a case of legal workers who do not speak English.

LEGAL WORKERS WHO DON'T OR WON'T SPEAK ENGLISH or is it really a case of hiding illegals. Were beyond words. ICE CALL OUT