Friday, April 18, 2008


Very interesting and horrifying tapes part 1 and 2 and its just starting to heat up. Rice appears as though she is very politically dense. What is her salary and job again?

Come on now, both Obama and Mr. Auchi dumbing up about the Four Season hotel meet up along with our now very own, who knows how resident, Mr. Alsammarae who boasted of his getaway, which Mr. Alsammarae described as "the Chicago way." Oh, lets not leave out another of our star attractions Governor Blagojevich.

Mr. Auchi and Mr. Obama shook hands. Mr. Obama's aide does not now recall the handshake but does agree that Mr. Obama was present in the hotel that evening. Cameras outside and inside? Rags to Riches.

Mr. Alsammarae may or may not have been in the room that night. Pictures are useful indicators but his presence is not confirmed, yet. However, he is certainly now accused and convicted of having been in a conspiracy in Iraq with two other men in that room: Tony Rezko, who is regarded by some intelligence analysts as a money-handler for unsavory agents in his native Damascus, and Nadhmi Auchi, who is regarded by Pentagon analysts as a money-handler for Baathist-linked agents in the Middle East..

Then there is the potential revelations in a four-inch-thick file in Baghdad about Mr. Rezko's link to Mr. Alsammarae threatening of indictment and trials on two continents. Seems there was lots of juice flowing from that Power Company's 250-megawatt plant in the Kurdistani city of Chamchamal. Rezmar a Rezko business joined together up to 30 companies in order to begin the plant's construction as early as January 2006? Or how about two jailbreaks in October and December 2006. Then again how did Mr. Alsammarae obtain a new U.S. passport to travel from Amman to Turkey? Days afterward, from his Turkish hotel room Mr. Alsammarae telephoned not only the Iraqi government to taunt them after his escape, boasting of pizza and cold beer, but he also called a New York Times reporter, James Glanz

"THE CHICAGO WAY" all the way into MIDWAY AIRPORT Mr. Alsammarae along with another 62-acre land development project called Riverside Park, Mr. Rezko, Mr. Auchi, 30 companies and who else? That's sweet home Chicago?
GO FITZ!!!!!!!!!!