Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Police are not armed with tranquilizing guns and we highly doubt a Taser would have done the job of subduing A MEAT EATING Cougar, hell we don't doubt it we know it! Some insight for all you woe is me, cougar dying crying AND shame on the police. The Chicago Officer's in the Roscoe Village area deserve a big pat on the back for dropping that over sized puddy cat. Job well done! Beats the hell out of the North Chicago Sgt., who allowed the Cougar to continue to roam freely in a densely urban populated area after ordering his Officer to stand down and not open fire. Heartless you say? Well we would rather see a dead Cougar than a dead/mauled Officer, child, jogger, biker or any one else for that matter. Some of the silly comments by concerned city dwellers for the poor lil puddy Supercat that we have seen printed today made us in-vision a bunch of sniveling tree hugger's with no sensibility whatsoever, a blank sheet as they say, zip, empty and yes pathetic.

Shy is the word often used for Cougars but how long would this shyness have lasted? Not long from all the sightings reported over the past week and it was only a matter of time before the Cougar would choose another delicacy and take a human down.

So here is the real insight. The lil Pussy Cat can can pounce from 40 feet up, leap 30 feet on the ground and hit 60 km and hour in a sprint. The Supercat can be about 7 feet from the nose to the tip of tail; the tail being about the same length as the body. Supercat is the ultimate predator; big, quick, ferocious and deadly. Lets repeat that deadly! He will eat about 50 deer a year. A female with 3 kittens will double the deer kill of a male. Whereas coyotes hunt in packs, cougars are generally loners. A pair is only together at mating time. Such a shame a Cougar was laid to rest you say but city streets and neighborhoods filled with people going about their day to day business is no match for a Cougar.