Sunday, March 16, 2008


Photo of Monks working with millions of grains of sand Mandala done from their memory.

International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge said Saturday he opposed an Olympic boycott over Tibet.

Communist China will not be satisfied until Tibet is completely eradicated and erased from all collective memory at any cost.

China's communist government is hoping Beijing hosting of the Aug. 8-24 Olympics will boost its popularity at home as well as its image abroad. In the meantime all is fair game in their military orchestrated violent attacks against peaceful Tibetan Monks and the Tibetan people. It appears the past stealing of Tibetan homes, lands and China's slaughtering of peaceful people has yet to satisfy China's communist thrusting thirst to conquer.
Hong Kong Cable TV said about 200 military vehicles each carrying dozens of armed soldiers, drove into the center of Lhasa on Sunday. The footage showed mostly empty streets, but for armored and military vehicles patrolling and soldiers searching buildings. Foreign media were not allowed.
Loudspeakers on the streets repeatedly broadcast slogans urging residents to "discern between enemies and friends, China's enemies are peaceful Monks.
Rice said she was "concerned by reports of a sharply increased police and military presence in and around Lhasa." Her statement urged China to release those jailed for protesting.