Thursday, March 13, 2008


Police Superintendent Jody Weis is replacing 22 district police commanders as well as another 21 upper management commanders, NBC5's Mary Ann Ahern reported Thursday.

Yeah we already knew. Replacing 22 district commanders out of 25 districts? That's not a shake up its a slaughter-dice and slice along with 21 changes in upper management? So does this mean that approximately 22 District Commanders were barely worth their salt? Some may have been laterally moved and or promoted but 22, and then 21 upper management changes added to the equation?

Clearly the message is OK boss now tow the line. The old way of doing business is now over. Yeah right! The majority of well connected will remain connected. Did someone give Jody a baton to go along with that play uniform? Were not busting balls, the average officer does not respect or appreciate seeing the uniform on Jody. Reminder Jody may be a Sup but he is still a civilian and more respect would be allocated if he acted like the civilian manager that he is. That's correct, the average everyday working officer feels this way.

We would have been better assured if Jody had also included all the true dead weight collecting dust and actually addressed manpower checks and balances in districts and units to actually bring patrol up to par immediately. You know those are the officer's wheeling vehicles, using clip boards along with out dated inoperable equipment putting their life on the line daily in an effort to respond to all those citizens request for service.

Did Jody instruct the new settees to clean up their numbers and show accountability? Or was it just a new sheriff in town move? Were waiting to see how this really demonstrates a true change in our day to day operations. After all every new boss nominates new players, were just saying.