Thursday, October 4, 2007


Were calling this action from now on,
The "Made In America" "Label".
For she has gone a missing for far too long. Join us or be left far behind!
God Bless America!

Salon has a good story on Federal funding for terrorism, Sanctuary cities, 2008 election, and the numerous bills passing through the Senate and Congress in an effort to combat the problem of illegals, etc.. If your interested, you can head over to salon for the read, grab your cup and hunker down.

Our opinion. The wording better be corrected in these bills clarifying who gets and who does not get funding. Call all your Representatives and challenge the Presidential runners. Get them on record! Were through with Covert-ticians masquerading as Politicians.

We care not what party you are, we demand facts. Not flits of fancy, as we go about enjoying our read on your past voting records and deals.
We said long ago, Illegal immigration would fuel the Presidential election. The politicians running and the cities involved, need to wise up now. If your serious about terrorist threats and the need for funding, then make the choice. Either the illegal free for all or your funding. Your not entitled to it both ways. Twisting crafty words in these bills in an effort to get around the sanctuary is not going to work. Take the topic serious and cancel out blanket sanctuary or pay the ultimate price, loss of funding and election. Sanctuary cities open us up for terrorist threats, 1+1=2. Who are these politicians kidding, with their protect one protect all analogy. Sanctuary Cities also encourage the wrong element across the board. These policies are bent towards destroying the very fiber of a safe and decent way of life in this country.