Friday, September 7, 2007


Why even bother to listen to politicians and their corn about affordable health care and the poor. Numerous Politicians have caused this Medical crisis with their continual pandering. Unforgivable.

This Dr. believed in what he was doing saving lives and working for you and he was fired for it. Why? For standing up and alerting the public, about Mexicans who are crossing the border and entering our emergency rooms, demanding and getting free non-emergency medical care, then returning back to Mexico or blending in with the GENERAL population. Free non-emergency medical care to Non-Citizens, on our hefty tax dollars, in violation of our State and Federal laws.

We have not heard the last of Dr. Rogers whose training as a young doctor came out of the dying fields of Vietnam, while saving the lives of our men and women. Were just waiting on all the other Americans who keep saying. "They have had enough." History written before your very eyes, drained of life saving resources while your occupied.