Sunday, September 2, 2007


Afton View apartment residents are Somalis
St. Paul, MN police shocked as witnesses ignore woman's cries for help during assault by Somali man; Somali advocacy group speaks on behalf of alleged perpetrator
The attack occurred in an apartment hallway and lasted over an hour. While the report does not make clear the background of the witnesses, their reaction, or lack thereof, seems culturally inconsistent with American behavior.

Additionally, while the executive director of the Somali Justice Advocacy Center spoke on the alleged perpetrator's behalf, KNOWN AS Rage Ibrahim. Video tape proof of the crime and witness's inactions of a rape in progress, is of little difference to this Advocate. An inability to understand American culture, the excuse, their home country culture. Why are these people even flocking to the United States? Apparently they missed Citizenship class and went directly into a cluster habitat. More reasons to be seriously concerned, about who else may be lingering, beneath the cloak shrouded protection of the politically favored label, immigrants.

Walsh said police were shocked by the behavior of the bystanders.

"(The video) shows one person looking out of her door probably three times," Walsh said. "It shows another person walking up, observing what's going on, then turning and putting up the hood of his sweatshirt."

At one point, the 26-year-old woman knocked on a door, yelling for the occupants to call police. A man inside that apartment told police he did not open the door or look out, but said he did call police — although they have no record of his call, according to court documents.

Minnesota law makes it a petty misdemeanor to not give reasonable help to a person in danger of "grave physical harm."

Walsh said it is unlikely police would pursue charges against witnesses in this case because authorities would have to show that witnesses knew the woman was in extreme danger. ICE we need you, again.