Friday, September 14, 2007

OBAMA THE CHICAGO SUICIDE includes Chicago Police Board Member

Chicago Police Board member Art Smith named on undisclosed list.

We do not endorse Hillary Clinton, make no mistake about it.

As many of you may already know by now, Jones Godson to John Stroger appears to have committed suicide on a parcel of land which he owned in Union Pier Beach, MI. We also had Norman Hsu who wrote a suicide note which blamed Obama for planting stories in the press about him. Now there is another suicide note, which was said to have been written by Jones and left in a desk drawer prior to his suicide. It now also appears Jones had ties to Rezko as well.

This is one hellified read.
The Chicago Sun-Times article detailed on a yearly basis the amount of the payments to Orlando Jones. More disturbing however was the Chicago Sun-Times publication of The original investors in Tony Rezko’s big South Loop deal

Orlando Jones was among investors in a Tony Rezko real estate venture in 2003, records show. Rezko wanted to develop 62 acres of prime land at Roosevelt and Clark — for which his company, Rezmar Corp., sought $140 million in city tax subsidies.

The deal stalled when Mayor Daley’s administration accused Rezko of minority-owned-business fraud. But most investors apparently recouped their money after Rezko sold the site in late 2005.

Here is a previously undisclosed list of the investment groups for the project (in most cases, City Hall couldn’t find records identifying the groups’ investors):

The list of investors in Obama pal Rezko’s deal included Anthony Licata, the project’s attorney, Tony Rezko Fighting federal corruption charges, Daniel Mahru Rezko’s former partner, Orlando Jones and Chicago Police Board member Art Smith, trucking mogul Michael A. Tadin, Dr. Paul Ray, chief urologist at Cook County’s Stroger Hospital, Joseph Scoby Executive at UBS O’Connor, an investment company, Victor J. Cacciatore, once extorted for $5 million by Chicago mob, Joseph P. Cacciatore, one of Victor Cacciatore’s sons, and Michael Seibold, a former insurance executive; as well as Dr. Mamdouh Bakhos Suburban cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. Michel Malek a Chicago neurosurgeon appointed to the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board at Rezko’s request, and George LoCasto a Manager with UBS O’Connor

Here is the link to an article by the Chicago Tribune, Stroger Godson Wielded Power Behind The Scenes which provides additional information on Orlando Jones.

We will explain this complicated story in Part II of Barack Obama and the Chicago Suicide. For the curious read Obama - Turning Pages, Part II for our prescient analysis concerning the healthcare connection to Michelle and Barack Obama and Antoin “Tony” Rezko, the Strogers and the expanding investigations by the Federal Prosecutors from Patrick Fitzgerald’s relentless office.