Saturday, September 15, 2007

Islamic Terrorists Arrested At U.S.-Mexico Border

Up-to-date important information, you will rarely see in the main stream media, is the main reason we suggest you read Judicial Watch frequently. We pulled the above story because of its importance to our safety and security, it also punches holes in the pro illegals battle cry for open porous borders. This story supports the urgent and long overdue need, to immediately secure our borders. As we battle on in Iraq to stop terrorism, our government continues to allow our borders, to remain a free for all and heavily over run. We have Safe Sanctuary cities like here in Chicago, where Mayor Daley welcomes all unknown illegals with open arms, while he shunts Police Officers abilities, in enforcing immigration laws. It makes no sense, whatsoever. We battle one spectrum of terrorism and then completely ignore the one in our own yard.

Along with this story is another, also regarding illegal aliens and their entry into our country, and its been up for sale to the highest bidder. You will find a portion of this story at the bottom of the post with a link address.

One question, how many terrorist have already made it into our country? A serious question, which no one in our government can even answer. What are our leaders thinking!

On the heels of a federal agency’s revelation that Islamic extremists and Mexican drug cartels have joined forces to smuggle weapons and terrorists into the country, Texas’ top Homeland Security official confirmed that terrorists have indeed been arrested crossing the Mexican border.

The Lone Star State’s director of Homeland Security, Steve McCraw, shed a scary light on the severity of the situation at the southern border by officially disclosing that terrorists with ties to Hezbollah, Hamas and al-Qaida have been arrested crossing into the state through Mexico in recent years.

U.S. officials and illegal immigrant advocates have vehemently denied a terrorist threat from the southern border, insisting that those who cross are merely desperate, humble and hard-working people seeking the American dream and willing to do jobs most U.S. citizens won’t even consider.

Here is one of those individuals.
Leticia Zamarripa, a spokeswoman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement in El Paso, said Wednesday she was unaware of any border arrests of people with terrorist ties
. An ICE spokeswoman in San Antonio did not return phone messages left by The Associated Press. U.S. Border Patrol spokesman Lloyd M. Easterling was unable to comment.

Highest Bidder going, going, sold to the illegals.
Border Protection officer (Ronald Merker) worked at the passport control section in Miami International Airport and federal authorities say he accepted $1,000 a pop from foreigners, many of them South American, in exchange for allowing them into the U.S.

An immigration officer since 1983, Merker took bribes from at least four Brazilians and possibly dozens more over a two-year period. The illegal aliens would go through the line designated only for United States citizens at the airport’s busy Concourse E.

Three other men were also charged in the same ring for bringing the illegal aliens who bribed the officer into the country. The ringleader (Clodoaldo Ribeiro) was also charged with illegally reentering the country after being deported, fraudulently obtaining a U.S. passport and falsely claiming to be a U.S. citizen.