Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Looks like Tony Villar, now known as the Mayor of Los Angeles, is no longer even attempting to hide his past radical era. Villaraigosa a name he chose to change, by simply combining his and his wife's last name. Considered an attack on a law enforcement officer, ICE Chief Hayes. Over what Tony, felt were insensitive and callous comments. This all over a true law breaker,Elvira Arellano.

His past radical student days are now once again catching up with him. This JUST HAPPENS TO BE, one of his latest radical moves, going back to about 21 Aug. 07, and it was over, not only truth but well known documented facts of evidence against, Arellano.

Arellano was a Fugitive, who ended up with a big break and one a heck of a favor. No jail sentence at all. She was sent back home by ICE to her. "Beautiful country, filled with opportunities". "As she has stated herself, in an interview she freely did immediately after arriving back home in, Mexico."

Even after holding a false Social Security card and working for an APPARENT Chicago connected, City Contractor, within the privatized city Janitorial Services. Our questions now are. How did she manage to hook up and go into an O'Hare Airport, High Security job in the first place? Were led to think. Elvira just happened to stumble upon a job at O'Hare, and managed all this on her own. Does anyone recall the words. A full fledged investigation has been initiated on, Chicago's Janitorial Minority Contractor's?

The problematic and serious issues, are still in question and still very much at large. The way too easy ability in her obtaining a bogus SS# in the first place. Regardless, of what we currently know about it being a rampant problem. THAT BEING SAID. IT'S ALL THE MORE REASONS. TO QUESTION THE CITY OF CHICAGO ABOUT THEIR MINORITY CONTRACTORS, it should not be dismissed. It's a major security and safety issue.

NEXT WOULD BE AND IS VERY IMPORTANT. The issue of her finger printing for O'Hare? Who activated her clearance for the high security clearance and again who referred her? Looks like the City still has some explaining to do, and we doubt this conduct has ceased. Moving people around, always seems to work for the cities connected. Or is this the part, where the city stands on. NO ASK, NO TELL, NO REPORTING? It also appears, numerous people have not forgotten and do recall, Elvira's official deportation orders. Only to see her duck and hide in a store, fronting as a church for the sheer luxury, of not paying taxes. While spewing, "We will bring the US economy down!"

Elvira chose her role when she obtained the fraudulent Social Security number. She furthered her action of deceit, by willingly working at O'Hare Airport with the fraudulent social security number. She also freely went about giving interviews regularly, while propping her son up to travel around the globe on her behalf. The same small son, whom she claimed, had a severe case of Attention Deficit Disorder but yet she is able to get radical Villar. Call her a devoted mother and threaten a Law Enforcement officer. Does the old Durkin plea for Elvira ring a bell?

Mayor Tony Villar aka Villaraigosa:
Jim Hayes, the ICE chief in Los Angeles, continuously referred to the devoted mother of an 8 year son as, "A criminal fugitive alien from Mexico". This is extremely insensitive and can be construed as an insult to the local Mexican-American population. There is a possibility that the mayor's office may request US Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez to remove Jim Hayes from Los Angeles. Hate spewing Atzlan a Villar connection, says he has already begun this action dated Aug. 21, but bye bye Gonzalez Aug. 27th.

We find your conduct, actions and words offensive Mayor Villaraigosa, here is your past. Your name may have changed but your continual actions of defending lawlessness still match your militant actions of the past. Your apparently still one and the same. Were guessing your making Castro's words from his 90 minute speech in the late 90's in Mexico, finally come true. As we recall California was on his hit list, along with Arizona and New Mexico.

“Both Villar and Garcia attacked the Alvarez-directed CSC for working only with government-sponsored drug programs strong>>“instead of community organizations like the National Committee to Free Los Tres.””

The “National Committee to Free Los Tres,” it must be understood, was a Los Angeles group created by former MEChistas to defend three members of the militant Chicano organization Casa Carnalismo who were convicted of assaulting a federal narcotics officer posing as a drug dealer in East Los Angeles. Even more telling about this “community organization” that Villar favored is that by 1974, a Marxist-Leninist faction emerged within the NCFLT seeking to deemphasize the social-service aspect of the organization, and hoping to transform its parent group Casa Carnalismo into a "revolutionary vanguard" dedicated to the "liberation of the Mexican people."(5) In a direct and unmistakable way, Villar was advocating for nothing less than a Communist place at the table within UCLA’s Chicano Studies Center.