Monday, September 17, 2007


Channel 2 News has just put out a story of an incident that happened on May 14th. A homeless woman was beaten and kicked so severely by two offender's, in the parking lot of Lawrence Fisheries on Canal Street. That it caused her death on the 15th of May.

Chicago Police are looking for leads. Wanted are two unknown young Hispanic Males driving a grey colored SUV. Can the question be asked in Chicago's Safe Sanctuary city, when and if their found? Pitting us with a good question, are they illegal and then making it forbidden is unfathomable.

Southern California questions:
Why are Latinos committing violent crimes targeted against African Americans — especially in one neighborhood in the Harbor Gateway area — and why aren’t Latino leaders speaking out against them? Problems are brewing.

random act of violence.

The first suspect is described as Hispanic, between 200 and 250 pounds, bald with a dark beard and mustache and wearing a black T-shirt.

The second suspect is also Hispanic, between 145 and 170 pounds with a shaved head and possibly a mustache.

The vehicle they were driving was a General Motors SUV four-door with 22- or 24-inch chrome rims.

The men beat Alicia Foster to death after a brief exchange outside a restaurant on the Near South Side, police said. Foster died from blunt force trauma, police said.

The images were taken from a security tape at Lawrence's Fisheries, 2120 S. Canal, on May 15.

The outside footage shows the two men walking by Foster, who was sitting on steps, and exchanging words with her. The men then get in an SUV briefly before they get back out and beat her with their hands and feet.

Foster died the next day.

There didn't appear to be any motive for the beating, police said.

Foster's last known address was in the 1700 block of East 72nd Street