Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Another Illegal Immigrant Spreads Tuberculosis

On top of the Koch story any one else swearing off Chicken? This is probably what's really igniting the raids at these plants by ICE. While thousands of other illegal aliens roam freely around using business, school, parks, drinking fountains, washrooms, airports, cleaning crews, construction sites, hospitals. Their monies, all that counts, right Wells Fargo. Profit over safety and security in more ways than one. Were all at risk and our politicians give two, you finish the sentence.

This week’s case involves an illegal immigrant teenager named Francisco Santos in an Atlanta suburb of about 750,000 residents. Gwinnett County health officials obtained a court order to detain the illegal alien because he refused treatment for active, contagious tuberculosis and instead offered to return to his native Mexico.

Just weeks ago there was a tuberculosis outbreak (at least 131 tested positive) at a South Carolina poultry plant and health officials said the culprits were illegal immigrants infected in their home country before sneaking into the United States. The situation is becoming a crisis in the Carolina's because thousands of illegal immigrants go there annually to work in poultry, construction and other industries.