Friday, July 6, 2007


We had some blogger issues with our formatting and will be away for a short while.

Buzz word has been around for awhile about installation of a new swipe machine to go with current ID cards. Here is what we do know.

The machines aka readers are not new to the Chicago Police department, they have been around for awhile their not palm readers in as much as they are print readers. Police will be the last to be entered into the system, civilians go first. The system is not without its own technical problems and has been known to crash. When a crash occurs numerous codes are knocked off line and your then knocked out of the system, unless that is, they have since enhanced their system while also including a biometric time clock? Remember your swiping in, is not tied into your current payroll system, hence you cannot be docked.

When the swipe order came out in 98 with the fax that followed years later, it was originally set up for swiping in only and not out. We have yet to see anything in print that would change the original procedure. It is our understanding (tip) even if a machine has been put in and you have not been coded your ID card will not work with the machine (wink,) as they have to be Incorporated together. This makes sense, since this is not just a swipe reader as we currently see in place. There will be numerous issues with swiping out, let alone way too much play on the three finger reader. Change may be a hard but change it is none the less.
In the mean time, relax. If there are doubts and your paying union dues contact your current lodge reps. at the Fraternal Hall aka Union. We somewhat doubt they currently know all the ins and outs yet but their suppose to be working for you. Have them also research, ring a ding and verify our information. Even with the phrase. No Contract, you remain under the originating current contract. 10-4?