Saturday, June 30, 2007


For those that have asked about damage to their vehicles and Chicago cameras.

Were not talking about cameras damaging your vehicle. What we are trying to address is a subject were often approached about. That being how do you handle damage to your vehicle which may have been in view of a camera? Thus far, we simply don't know of any set standard for retrieval purpose of any requested video. It is our understanding, the city may not want to be involved in this process and unless were speaking about a serious crime more than likely against a person. You may be very hard pressed to get answers to your video requests, let alone getting any video of the incident. Were thinking this may change with the pursuit of an attorney but at this time, we simply don't have the answers. Were basing this on requests other's have had as well. The Office of Emergency Management and Communication may be connected through 311 at this time, where your questions may be better addressed. We hope this has somewhat helped you in your questions and quest.