Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Were opening up comments today for your benefit. Were still having problems with blogger on links within the body of our posts and several other tech issues. Blogger has moved into FireFox and its become problematic. Eventually we may move this site, if need be. Were ole school so we will rough it for the time being, for your convenience. That is until it gets too burdensome.

Many of you have important things to say and share. All we ask, is for you not to drop name off your fellow officer's, with your personal gripe. We don't need their names on the streets for theirs and our safety sake, think. There are options available to you. Our preference is, face to face. Understand fully, punking out fellow officers, sure won't resolve your beef here. So don't try to make it an issue, not on this blog anyway. Since this is an open blog, if your not the police and your post is felt to be an unfair verbal throw-down against police, anticipate counter results of verbal throw back. So everyone try on respectability. Taunting is fun only so far.
Remember, safety of our fellow officers, isn't an option, its a necessity!