Wednesday, July 25, 2007


An interested party wanted a post on the upcoming contract and possible changes. Were not sure if you want our input our not, or just wanted an open post for the specific topic to be addressed?

Even so, we have reviewed the proposed inserts and deletions, we don't put a lot of weight behind what has thus far been offered up. Were in to early of a stage, some may disagree with us, but we don't like the way the contract negotiations have been handled in the past, behind closed doors from the media, prying eye theory. Our view, even when your given updates at the lodge meetings, you can only inquire so far. Your not necessarily told of revisions being made at the table and these revisions can affect you later down the road. While we trust FOP #7 is negotiating for us, they have also been known as doing disfavor of representation.

The negotiating team is pretty much hand picked by the President and Vice President. We have seen some board members silenced, as the minority before the majority. Natch, majority rules but if the cards are stacked right, the results come out the same and in favor of the chosen ruling parties. Do we think FOP Fraternal has completely fallen to managements wayside? The answer is no. However, we do think #7 has been getting more and more lax on representation along with being management and city friendlier these days, and were not alone. Only you as officers can fix this and it does not mean conferring just about every decision the President bestowed upon you. That's what the Nay vote is for but first you have to care and understand your contract, with its weak and strong points and you have to put your personal socializing views aside. You need to listen to all the vocal speakers, its a balancing factor, where you can be fooled. FOP is bound to represent you and your bound to assure they do, unless you prefer the term. " Denied, Awarded in favor for the city, past practice trump card, with managements over-watered rights."

Everything going in does not guarantee you it will make it out, that's why its called negotiating. The rest is up to you but only collectively, that is, if you really care about those future terms, benefits and working conditions across the full board. In our opinion, separation of the blue rights should be minimal at the most. Everything else is plain fluff and a political filler for spin. When we come to the typical impasse, with what the city desires to offer up. Odds will likely be in favor by the arbitrator and for the city. Doubt it, then study up on past arbitration decisions.