Thursday, July 19, 2007


The World Organization Against Torture (OMCT) has condemned the incommunicado detention and apparent "disappearance" in Mexico's conflicted Oaxaca state of Raymundo Rivera Bravo, 55, and Edmundo Reyes Amaya, 50, two militants of the Popular Democratic Revolutionary Party (PDPR). According to the OMCT, the two men were arrested in Oaxaca City by the state police May 25. The organization said in a statement it has been unable to determine the whereabouts of the detained men, and and is demanding guarantees for their "personal integrity," expressing concern over the risk of torture. (La Jornada, June 17)

The PDPR is the political wing of the guerilla Popular Revolutionary Army (EPR).

Honda, Nissan, Hershey's, Kellogg, Grupo Modelo and other multinational companies temporarily shut their plants in western Mexico after rebels attacked a key natural gas pipeline. The Popular Revolutionary Army (EPR) guerrillas claimed responsibility for the explosions.

Latin America analyst at the Eurasia Group in Washington, called the attacks "mostly symbolic, limited by the small size and logistical capacity of the group." George Baker, a Houston-based energy analyst, also dismissed the attacks:

The left-opposition Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) issued a statement July 11 casting doubt on the EPR's involvement, saying it "wasn't ruling out" the government's own involvement "to distract people from the grave problems that afflict the country."
Yes indeed Mexico has numerous problems and conflicting disruptive groups.

A Bloomberg report painted a grimmer picture, noting that more than 100 companies reduced or suspended production after the blasts, which took place in the central state of Queretaro, cutting supplies to the cities of Guadalajara, Queretaro, Aguascalientes and Leon. In Queretaro alone, 90 factories were left without natural gas as well as 1,000 retail businesses and 58,000 households.

Response to rebels, Prosecutor General of the Republic (PGR) said there was no record of the arrest of two supposed EPR supporters reported "disappeared" since May 25, Raymundo Rivera Bravo and Edmundo Reyes Amaya. The state of Oaxaca, where they disappeared, has also denied holding the men. What a country!