Thursday, July 19, 2007


If, as the city maintains, the union contract prevents the release of such details, the contract needs to be rewritten -- and police should recognize that such a change is to their benefit. For one, it is essential to maintain the public's trust, without which police cannot function. Police are not ordinary municipal workers whose disciplinary issues should be hidden. We place great power in their hands, and we demand greater responsibility.

Your correct, were not ordinary municipal workers and after the fact, how far will the loudest criers, who manage to frequently have run-In's with the police, while breaking the law take this issue, that is once they get their way? Why not just hold public cross burnings in Salem style. We hear, the only ones on the cross, will be the Union if they allow anymore watering and selling down to the city.

Were bored with the above rhetoric, we lay odds the mass majority of law abiding citizens in Chicago, don't seem to have any real problems with the majority of police. Why, their too busy working, raising families, paying the bills, going to school for an educational purpose. Their encounters at the most, might be traffic related or calls of true urgency. This nonsense, has been brought about, by the ones who overly demand police service to assist them, in running their daily chaotic dysfunctional lives. They scream for the police presence and then fault the police for being there. We won't allow ourselves to be painted by the same brush and your right again, DON'T HANDCUFF THE POLICE.