Thursday, July 19, 2007


We are not going to get into a personal discussion of what happened at Durkin Park.

We agree, manpower is turned upside down and calls are backed up. We also feel manpower is not handled properly, a topic which is not new but only worse. We have a manpower shortage and we feel the department only puts a band aid on the issue. Nor do we understand why actual manpower numbers are not being utilized. Its not a secret, so whats the deal? Officer's get stacks of calls now, there was a time when you were down on a job it meant just that, down. This was prior to OEMC going civilian and taken outside of the police department and it was also prior to 311. Were like chickens with our heads cut off. OEMC handles high volume calls as does apparently 311. None of us are magicians. Whose the charlatan behind the curtain, and why are we, always the fall guys?