Thursday, July 19, 2007


Assistance from a fellow officer

How true is the issue on the newer stars, very true. We miss the old durable star. We have seen numerous stars which have flaked off, its UN-real. How many of you remember the recall, just prior to the stars being issued? The company awarded the contract misspelled Sergeant. Shaking our heads. The poster is on target, the star is CPD issued property and you should not be paying a dime.


We all know of the many problems with the new stars that the Department issued to our members: numbers and letters falling out, flattening of stars, plated finish wearing off. An officer notified the Lodge that he was seeking a replacement star from personnel because his star was missing several letters and numbers. He was advised that he needed to submit a money order or cashiers check in the amount of $12.00.

Officers, this star is Department property. You should not pay for a replacement. You would not pay for a car wash or oil change for your squad car, so why would the Department expect you to pay to replace a defective star. Please contact the Lodge if you are in this situation or have already surrendered money for a star that is owned by the Department.