Sunday, July 8, 2007


Were going provide some serious background on Congressman Luis Gutierrez, who just happens to be a Chicago name and a man who has never renounced his relationship to (F.A.L.N.) PUERTO RICAN (DOMESTIC) TERRORISTS -- THAT IS, Las Fuersa Armadas para La Liberacion National --or-- The Armed Forces for National Liberation [of Puerto Rico]. A background Luis would rather you not recall or know ABOUT but something we shall not forget.

Luis Gutierrez was born in Chicago in 1953. He graduated from Northeastern Illinois University in 1975, returned to his ancestral home Puerto Rico to teach for two years, then returned to Chicago and worked as a cab driver and social worker. From 1984 to 1986 he was an advisor to the city's first African-American Mayor Harold Washington, and in 1986 won election to one of two new gerrymandered Hispanic-majority seats as Alderman. In 1992, with Daley machine backing for the newly-gerrymandered district seat in Congress, Gutierrez won with 60 percent of the vote and has held the seat since then

Congressman Gutierrez is a member of the radical Progressive Caucus in the House of Representatives and is one of the leading members of the Hispanic Caucus. The leftwing Americans for Democratic Action rates his voting record 95 percent on the left side of legislation.

Gutierrez proposed legislation granting amnesty and legal status by 2007 to all illegal immigrants who entered the United States prior to February 7, 2001. He has worked to restore Food Stamp and other welfare benefits to illegal aliens.

Rep. Gutierrez was one of 14 Democrats in 2002 who refused to support a resolution condemning the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that the Pledge of Allegiance was unconstitutional and had to be prohibited in public schools and other government forums because it contained the words "under God."

In 1999 Gutierrez worked with fellow Puerto Rico-connected lawmakers and Progressive Caucus members Nydia Velazquez (D.-New York) and Jose Serrano (D.-New York) to pressure Democratic President Bill Clinton to free convicted FALN terrorists whose bombs had killed six men, women and children and had blinded or maimed several police officers. Gutierrez pressed President Clinton to pardon even those FALN killers who refused to express remorse for their terrorist acts. These are not acts of terrorism. The individuals are not terrorists," he told the House. The House Committee on Government Reform said the issue was "top priority" for Gutierrez. Pardons? Clemency? As they were being released, the terrorists shouted threats at the judge. According to a federal transcript, one of them yelled, "You are lucky that we cannot take you right now. Our people will continue to use righteous violence. Revolutionary justice can be fierce, mark my words."

Gutierrez's campaign contributions come mostly from organized labor.