Sunday, July 8, 2007


Connie's Pizzeria is in the news today peeking out from the Families Secrets trial. Then we have some hilarious statements coming out of the mouths of Illinois elected Representatives over Gov. Blagojevich and State politics.,house070707.article All in all, today's news here in Chicago looked like the Chicago, Illinois we grew up in, a true blast from the past.

Connie's is known in Chicago for its medium weight crust pizza and its local South side Pizzeria with an Italian style quaint ambiance, service ain't so bad either. It's street tax to the mob, is well a Chicago thing. It seems we just can't shake the connection between Chicago and the mob and a Pizzeria is the perfect ingredient to the mix.

As born and raised Chicagoan's we were in-breed with the knowledge of the connected. We grew up with, them, went to school with and played with kids of the connected. Those were the mean streets of Chicago where clouds of dust cinders blew in alley's and straws in your bike spokes and smashed tin cans on your shoes echoed amazing sounds. It was a time when kids played with marbles in etched dirt lots and tinkered with metal roller skates and wood go-carts, when a fight was a fist fight for valor. It was also a time when their families were private and they kept to themselves and those were the days when mass was spoken in Latin. Gone are those days and gone is the private lives of the connected where loyalty to the family came first.

Today's Suntimes paper provides the background on Connie's and the mob, sorry my local stop was out of the Tribune but the Suntimes article reads well. You can read further on line at the Suntimes link,CST-NWS-mob04.article and see a short video at from Tuesday trial.
Sweet Home Chicago.