Saturday, July 7, 2007


Elvira Arellano is now advocating anarchy as a ploy of additional cover.

She has a deadline to which our government will have to "revive and pass a comprehensive immigration reform.

Otherwise, pro-immigrant organizers will begin a campaign “aimed at bringing this government and this economy to a halt.
" Her words."

LaRaza's, very own Chicago Safe Sanctioned is a wanted illegal felon playing a dangerous game. This is an ultimate typical Chicago creation, formulated from the late 60's of civil unrest. Anyone recall Humbolt Park unrest?

Who is to blame? Why it's Chicago, Illinois and their very own gifting game of Safe Sanctuary for illegals. Which has not only fed into but created this beast of a burden. Arellano's true agenda is corrupt destructive civil unrest and added lawlessness, bent to negatively impact Chicago citizens and citizen's State wide. Here we have an illegal Mexican alien and felon who worked under a fraudulent social security number, in an airport none the less, who was ordered deported then runs and hides in a church fronted store and has continually flaunted the laws from her coveted perch......She now takes it a step further in her contrived family plight which she and other's freely brought upon themselves. That being birthing Anchor Babies for benefit links and to now be used to shelter their added lawless conduct. If no crime was committed why the need for her fraudulent social security card? Were not buying into the innocence act. Not only are Anchor Babies the ply excuse but now their being used as the militant cause....Least we forget to add in, her demand for an immediate moratorium on all raids and deportations!

Our government is the largest employer of illegal aliens along with utilizing private third party contractors bids and we wonder why nothing is getting done. ICE needs to cease with the political correctness nonsense and soon, our laws need to be enforced now.

Arellano has been using cloister and conventing maneuvers as a tool of trade. In other words since last August she has been hiding inside and behind a fronted Northwest side store church while advocating extreme lawlessness against our government.

Representatives from the Centro Sin Fronteras and the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights announced they were also prepared to take “economic actions” against corporations that support anti immigrant legislators and programming.

A concentration of families is scheduled for July 17 in Washington D.C.

To “confront the leaders of both parties and the President.” U-HAUL anyone?