Saturday, July 7, 2007


Our cyncial thoughts on the next head haunch.
Each candidate will be interviewed personally by the Chicago Police board the runner ups will be
evaluated on these likely four qualifications.

Administrative and management skills,
Leadership experience,
Vision for the future, and more than likely of all things.
Ability to work with and earn the respect of the rank and file.

Were at loss, how can the Police Board make that type of determination for the long run?Respect of the rank and file, jeez and does it really matter to them, since the Mayor runs the Police department in the long haul. Rhetoric, sheer rhetoric. Since were not in any betting pools were indifferent TO WHOM THEY SELECT. It all comes down to who will eventually do the Mayors BIDDING, of a revamped ultra-disarrayed low-morale Police Department with loaded dice? Someone crafted as mold-able we guess. Like they really have a choice after taking the lead. Hit the snooze button.